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Clermont, Florida
United States

Online shopping for the GREEN at heart, so you can "live well and leave a green footprint!"  Stylish, sustainable home accents, fashion accessories, baby items, children's toys, pet accessories, garden décor and more!

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Our Products

Recycled, Reclaimed, Fair Trade, Organic, Natural, Handmade, Sustainable, Energy-Saving, Educational, Gives Back

Our Products

We offer stylish, environmentally and socially responsible products, from suppliers and artists who share a similar mission and purpose to make a difference.

Every item features our green "eco-icons" as well as a description, identifying its environmentally or socially responsible attributes.  Our hope is that you will share that green tidbit with others when using your item(s). By sharing you help further the mission to show how easy it is to leave a green footprint. 

Fair Trade

Created using sustainable materials by artisans in developing countries who are paid a fair wage.


Made from reprocessed or remanufactured materials (ie. recycled plastic or glass).


Made from materials that are reused or repurposed but still in their original form without reprocessing.


Made from naturally regenerating materials using methods that do not destroy natural resources.


Made using materials free of hormones, synthetic petrochemicals, or toxic substances. 



Individually crafted by hand using a manual process, and reclaimed, recycled or sustainable materials.


Reduces the need for or amount of energy used.  (ie. solar or wind powered.)


100% Natural

Made from plant, mineral or animal matter without synthetic or artificial ingredients. (ie. 100% biodegradable).

Gives Back

The wholesaler or supplier donates a percentage of the proceeds to a non-profit organization or cause. 


Provides an opportunity to learn about sustainable living practices (ie. recycling, wind energy).


We've also included a map below each description to show where the item was made.  

Just a little reminder that your purchase is providing much-needed, fair wages for a family or village in a developing country.  

It's also a reminder to think globally, as well as locally.  We support "buying local" but we also believe in supporting those whose skills and crafts are their family's only means of income.  They deserve to be paid a fair wage in safe working conditions, and to have their craftsmanship appreciated by those who can't travel across the globe to buy them first-hand.