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Tote Bag from Recycled Tarps


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Tote Bag from Recycled Tarps

Taressa George

The Real Deal is a line of tarp bags are handmade in a remote small town in rural Brazil, from recycled canvas tarps that once stretched across the beds of cross-country cargo trucks hauling open freight. They use recycled tarps in a effort to cut down on the wasting of the world's resources and -- yes -- also because they happen to look really cool. The fabric in these bags has most likely traveled from the Amazon out to Sao Paulo and back again. It has slogged through sudden deluges of blinding rain, and has been baked and broiled in scalding heat, whipped by harsh salt winds, assaulted by road debris and sometimes even stamped in Portuguese with waterproof black ink. Which is to say, there's nothing you can do to these one-of-a-kind bags that hasn't already been done. So don't worry about taking care of a Real Deal Brazil bag -- it will take care of you!

Designed for a lifestyle that just won't quit! Sportier-styled, eco-friendly Olinda tote is made from recycled tarps, with outside flap pouch and pocket. Ample main compartment has zippered pocket and magnetic button closing. This is the real deal from Real Deal Brazil. 14¼"h x 13"w x 4"d.