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Clermont, Florida
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Online shopping for the GREEN at heart, so you can "live well and leave a green footprint!"  Stylish, sustainable home accents, fashion accessories, baby items, children's toys, pet accessories, garden décor and more!


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A Happier Morning With a Touch of Color

Taressa George

Gazing at flowers while sipping the morning coffee can have a positive impact on the rest of the day. An article on Mom by Corrie Pikul, shows that scientists have proven this to be true. The article states that evolutionary psychologists say we equate the sight of flowers and plants with subconscious thoughts of safety, reward, and promise. 

Convincing yourself that the day will be "coming up roses" is as simple as putting some fresh flowers in a vase by your bedside or on the breakfast table. The more color the sunnier and happier the day will be!

The truth is in the studies by Harvard Medical School psychologist Nancy Etcoff, PhD. She states that upon waking, women who say flowers feel happier, less anxious, and more energetic.

So good morning everyone! Have a great day!