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"Green" Your Car Wash Routine

Taressa George

It's a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect time to wash the car. But before you drag out the hose, bucket, soap and sponge, read our tips below on two simple ways to make your car wash a little easier on the earth. 

When we think of storm water pollution, the last thing that comes to mind is a good old-fashioned hand car wash in the front yard. Unfortunately, the toxic chemicals your car picks up on the road (gasoline, tar and oil) get washed into the storm drain. What's worse is the chemicals from non-biodegradable soaps also wash into these storm drains.  Where do the storm drains go?  To local lakes, rivers and streams.

Clearly, we are not helping the water quality or the fish and wildlife that live in those bodies of water.  The good news is, we can reduce the environmental impact of our car washes in one of two ways!

1. Always wash your car on a permeable or pervious surface.

Anytime you wash a car, choose a grassy or gravel covered area to keep the toxic runoff from flowing down the driveway and into the storm drains.  The earth's natural filters (dirt) help remove excess toxins, keeping them from polluting local water sources.

2. Drop by a "self-serve" or full-service car wash

If you're fortunate enough to live near a car washing facility, give it a go! Most car washing stops have drainage systems that send wastewater to a water treatment facility, which is a much better resting place for that dirty runoff.

See! Being green can be easy! Just a few small changes can make a big difference.

For more simple ways to leave a green footprint, follow our blog and check out TAPP's website