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Clermont, Florida
United States

Online shopping for the GREEN at heart, so you can "live well and leave a green footprint!"  Stylish, sustainable home accents, fashion accessories, baby items, children's toys, pet accessories, garden décor and more!



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Save Money While Saving The Environment

Taressa George

Nowadays, we have so many choices when it comes to shopping.  Not only do we have shopping malls, but local farmers markets, second-hand and consignment stores, as well as an unlimited number of online stores. 

E-commerce has become so popular that even groceries can now be delivered to your front door.  Mattresses, cars, medicine, and even fast-food, can all be delivered nearly anywhere.  Drones are even making deliveries in some places.  

For those of us who value social and environmental responsibility, we think about the impact our purchases have on the environment and society.  We think about the value of purchasing from places that support important causes, give back, and make a difference.  And the companies who take steps to reduce their environmental impact, make us feel better about purchasing from them.

WellaVerde is proud to be among the companies who think beyond the bottom line.  While we cannot compete with retail giants like Amazon or WalMart, we feel good about the products we offer and the way we get them to your door.  We sleep better at night knowing that we deliver something with minimal impact on the environment, and we are glad to provide unique, one-of-a-kind items that can't be found in any retail chain. 

We value our customers not because they make purchases.  We value our customers because they are making a difference.  When it comes to shopping, they have a choice.  In fact, they have a plethora of choices, yet they make a conscious decision to buy a sustainable, recycled, organic, fair-trade and eco-friendly product that supports a bigger mission.  A product with benefits far greater than their original, intended purpose.  

The next time you need a unique gift, consider its source, material, and secondary benefits.  Imagine what it would feel like if everything we purchased had additional benefits.  What a wonderful world this would be. 

Baskets & Bins are “Naturals” for Organizing & Decluttering

Taressa George

Baskets and storage bins can help organize every area of your home – so you can store more stuff in less space and do away with clutter, while adding a decorative touch. And the good news is you can do it with basket and bins made from eco-friendly products such as natural sustainable fibers, organic fabrics and recycled or repurposed materials.A large hand woven sisal basket filled with rolled towels in various colors and sizes makes an eye-catching display in the bathroom or a great storage container for magazines in the family room. Wall pocket organizers can add a decorative touch in any room. Try a woven rattan wall basket in the office to hold mail and bills, or in the kitchen to hold recipes and utensils, or by the back door to catch keys and sunglasses.

Handmade organic cotton wall organizers are attractive and safe for use in babies’ and kids’ rooms to hold diapering items and small toys. Large round bins made of organic cotton canvas and recycled water bottles are great for corralling kids’ toys and games.

Natural storage pieces are a great choice for organizing and decluttering. You can also feel good about doing your part to help the environment. If you choose to use plastic storage baskets and bins, check before purchasing to make sure they are: (1) recyclable and/or; (2) made from pre- or post-consumer waste plastic.

Doug & Susan's Kids Foundation

Taressa George


We started the DSKF 20 years ago in order to help children that are less fortunate globally. The funds help in providing medical care, education, food and shelter for children in Haiti, Colombia, and Honduras. When our Haitian manufacturer built the medical center for Sister Clara, he did not know what an impact it would have on the local community in Port-au-Prince.  Sister Clara runs the clinic with the efficiency of a staff sergeant and squeezes every dollar.  The clinic is free for those who cannot pay and accepts whatever donations from those that can.  There are dental services as well as medical, and Wednesday is a special day for children.

Kalalou is proud to help out with the clinic by donating all the proceeds from the sale of Sister Clara's cross to the clinic.  We send the proceeds directly to Sister Clara, not through a government agency or any charitable organization.  Every penny goes to her.  It is because of the contributed support of our customers that this project is a success.  Sister Clara told us that the money buys medical supplies and helps pay for two doctors.  What a good feeling, and thanks to all our loyal customers.