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Online shopping for the GREEN at heart, so you can "live well and leave a green footprint!"  Stylish, sustainable home accents, fashion accessories, baby items, children's toys, pet accessories, garden décor and more!



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Save Money While Saving The Environment

Taressa George

Nowadays, we have so many choices when it comes to shopping.  Not only do we have shopping malls, but local farmers markets, second-hand and consignment stores, as well as an unlimited number of online stores. 

E-commerce has become so popular that even groceries can now be delivered to your front door.  Mattresses, cars, medicine, and even fast-food, can all be delivered nearly anywhere.  Drones are even making deliveries in some places.  

For those of us who value social and environmental responsibility, we think about the impact our purchases have on the environment and society.  We think about the value of purchasing from places that support important causes, give back, and make a difference.  And the companies who take steps to reduce their environmental impact, make us feel better about purchasing from them.

WellaVerde is proud to be among the companies who think beyond the bottom line.  While we cannot compete with retail giants like Amazon or WalMart, we feel good about the products we offer and the way we get them to your door.  We sleep better at night knowing that we deliver something with minimal impact on the environment, and we are glad to provide unique, one-of-a-kind items that can't be found in any retail chain. 

We value our customers not because they make purchases.  We value our customers because they are making a difference.  When it comes to shopping, they have a choice.  In fact, they have a plethora of choices, yet they make a conscious decision to buy a sustainable, recycled, organic, fair-trade and eco-friendly product that supports a bigger mission.  A product with benefits far greater than their original, intended purpose.  

The next time you need a unique gift, consider its source, material, and secondary benefits.  Imagine what it would feel like if everything we purchased had additional benefits.  What a wonderful world this would be. 

Organic Swaddles: Does Your Baby Sleep Through the Night?

Taressa George

For countless generations, mothers have slept with their infants tucked close to their bodies, allowing them to nurse on and off during the night. More recently the tradition has changed to placing babies alone in their sleep location, on their back on a firm surface (due to SIDS), and attempting to get them to sleep through the night without waking or feeding. Though babies are not designed to sleep through the night, they eventually adapt to our desperate demands -- when they would be much more comfortable in a soft, snug swaddle. The following excerpt from Isis baby guru and RN/BCLD Nancy Holtzman’s series on swaddling shares expert information on the time-honored tradition. She explains why swaddling works and how it can help your baby get a more restful night’s sleep.

Why does swaddling work?

Babies, like all humans, will take several deep breaths every few minutes to bring more oxygen into their lungs. But with newborns, this deep breath often triggers a small startle reflex, making the arms jerk and flail out. Watch your sleeping baby: you’ll see somewhat irregular breathing, and will notice that sometimes he’ll startle, then return right back to quiet sleep. Other times, perhaps in a lighter sleep stage, he’ll startle, which will cause a second startle, and ultimately will startle himself awake and cry…

When a baby is swaddled snug with the arms down, the startle reflex is muffled and far less disruptive, they are more likely to stay asleep with each startle…Click here to read the entire series

You can continue this tradition with the softest swaddles and fashion-forward prints that say as much about your style as they do about practices that bind mothers together around the world. 47" x 47" pre-washed 100% cotton muslin or 100% organic cotton muslin swaddling wraps from Aden & Anais.

Fresh Wave Green Home Kit

Taressa George

Fresh Wave natural odor eliminators use the power of nature and molecular science to get rid of organic and inorganic odors. Rather than masking unwanted odors, Fresh Wave products go to the source to destroy the odor. More importantly, Fresh Wave products use no toxins or perfumes, so they are safe for use around people and pets. Eco-friendly and industrially proven, these non-toxic products are based on formulations that eliminate odors in the most odorous places around the world, including garbage dumps, asphalt factories and wastewater facilities. Compared to those locations, you home's odors are not match for the Fresh Wave odor eliminators. Fresh Wave products are made with simple natural ingredients: lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, cedarwood and water.

Three great Fresh Wave products to eliminate odors in the home, car, office, boat, locker, gym bag, etc. -- anywhere you want to eliminate odors quickly and completely. 8oz. Spray, 16oz. Jar of odor neutralizing crystals and a 6.25 oz. Soy Candle. No toxins or perfumes, only pure natural ingredients. Safe for people and pets.

Organic Plush Toys

Taressa George

Babies should teethe and play with only the best materials! And organics, grown without pesticides and chemicals, are safest for baby as well as the environment. Dandelion's Organic Soft Plush animals and toys have delighted babies and their parents for years. Items feature beautiful fabrics made from certified organic cotton, with fine stitching details and playful sounds.

Soft and silky, these adorable pudgy pals are made from soft, 100% organic cotton and filled with natural corn fibers. Soft fabrics delight babies and environmentally conscious design means peace of mind for parents. 8" high. Machine wash and dry.

Developmental Toys by Dandelion

Taressa George

Growing babies are ready for new discoveries and developmental toys stimulate sensory skills, help develop fine motor skills and teach social development as baby learns to play with a parent. Dandelion's Organic Developmental Toys are made with high quality organic fabrics and filled with corn fiber stuffing. Dandelion is the eco-division of Re-Think It, Inc.

Inspire exploration and imagination with these organic developmental toys. Designed to stimulate sensory skills such as seeing, hearing and touching, these toys also help develop fine motor skills. Fabrics are made from organic cottons and filled with natural corn fibers.

100% Organic Cotton Swaddles

Taressa George

Aden & Anais has brought the comfort of muslin together with great design to create a line of baby products as stylish as they are soothing, and as affordable as they are beautiful. From Aussie emigrant and anxious mother-to-be to business entrepreneur and now author of the quintessential book on swaddling, Raegan has become a chief advocate for reviving the ancient practice of swaddling babies. With origins stretching back to Biblical times, swaddling mimics the secure feeling of being back in the womb and helps babies calmly settle in for a long, peaceful, healthy sleep.

For countless generations, mothers have swaddled and cared for their children with natural muslin. You can continue this tradition with the softest swaddles and fashion-forward prints that say as much about your style as they do about practices that bind mothers together around the world. One 47" x 47" pre-washed 100% organic cotton muslin swaddling wrap in White with pastel pink, blue and yellow or White with multi-color dragonflies.

3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bins

Taressa George

3 Sprouts was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for unique and modern products. They are committed to well-designed, eco-friendly baby and children's products. Live. Love. Smile.

Our playful organic canvas storage bin is tough enough to hold tons of stuff and playful enough to complement any playroom, bedroom and child's imagination. Decorative animals are 100% eco-spun felt (made from recycled water bottles). Storage bin is natural color canvas with colored trim. 17"H x 20" diameter. Spot clean. Toys not included.

In the Buff Dishtowels

Taressa George

Full Circle produces stylish, functional kitchen products made from sustainable and renewable resources. When they choose a material to go into their products, they ask two questions -- where does it come from and where will it go? By creating products with naturally-occurring materials, such as bamboo, cellulose and loofah, they know what will happen when those materials are eventually underground. They will break down into smaller pieces, cellulose and loofah, which will fully biodegrade. Full Circle has created a unique bristle blend for their brushes -- natural plant-based fibers that are absorbent so you use less soap, and recycled plastic bristles that are tough and durable but easy on the earth. So not only do their products work great, they last longer and they generate less waste.

These waffle weave organic dish towels are made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. They are absorbent and quick-drying, durable and soft. In four natural colors.

Organic Fruit Teether Toys

Taressa George

It does take a village -- 13 villages to be exact -- to produce Under the Nile's "Veggin Out" collection of educational fruit and veggie teether toys. By bringing work to 13 of the poorest villages in rural Egypt, women are able to be at home with their children and make a living wage. The women from each village are taught how to make one of the fruit or veggie toys. Each village is then responsible for producing that toy and paid fair wages for their work. Under the Nile provides these women and their families with a new-found economic opportunity as well as providing the community self-sufficiency and sustainability. Global Family Projects are funded by matching 2% of Under the Nile sales with 2% from their farm partners. This unique form of funding fights poverty, making a significant impact by supporting communities in need.

To market, to market! This cotton knit tote is stuffed with 100% organic cotton fruits -- Chiquita banana, pear, grapes and watermelon buddies -- all dyed with natural non-toxic colors.

Organic Cotton Towel & Washcloth Set by Under the Nile

Taressa George

Under the Nile is all about family -- their smaller family and our global family. Through cultivating organic cotton, they seek to cultivate the community that grows it. Under the Nile has a passion to fight poverty and to offer the Egyptian people a better way of life -- through work, vocational and educational training, and by providing health care. Under the Nile plants and produces high quality cotton without the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides and is certified to the National Organic Program standard. All yarns are dyed using low-impact metal-free colors that contain no harmful chemicals. No chlorine bleach is used for whitening and no flame retardants are applied to clothing.

Make bath time fun with this snuggly hooded towel and washcloth set from Under the Nile. Made of organically grown Egyptian cotton and dyed with metal-free colors containing no harmful chemicals. Soft terry towel with green Frog or yellow Duck bath mitt.